Our current litter has outstanding genetic potential  for those interested in the TOTAL
Cane Corso !  This litter will contain puppies with  the true Cane Corso temperament  ,
naturally protective of their family and home , with large and powerfully built physical
structure , and stable , trustworthy character for family companionship , work or show .  

At Centurion Cane Corso we are a small and selective breeding program located on the
southern Indiana & Illinois border during spring- fall and located in Spring Hill Florida from
fall - spring  .
Our focus in our program is correct temperament first and foremost !The Cane Corso is a
family dog , and LOVES to be wherever their owners and family are . They are loyal and
trustworthy , and should be indifferent yet watchful of strangers when introduced .

The Cane Corso is, and historically has been ,a guardian breed . We strive to keep the
guardian quality alive in the breed . We do not just breed to produce good looking puppies
. We strive to produce great looking Cane Corso puppies that are loving family members ,
and desire to make sure their family and property is watched over and protected !!  We
test our dogs , as well as any dogs that we would bred to ,  in real life scenarios with
professional protection decoys to make sure that the dogs will naturally demonstrate their
desire to protect their handler  . We do not simply test one of the parents in the
combination , we test BOTH  parents to make certain that BOTH sides of the puppies
genetics are more likely to possess and carry  this same trait .

Unfortunately there are many other Cane Corso being  produced all over the world  
without any emphasis in breeding selections on their willingness to protect/gaurd . This
above mentioned oversight often results in the loss of one of the truly great qualities that
have made the Cane Corso such a unique and amazing canine . At Centurion Cane Corso
we take great effort to ensure that WE do not overlook this quality in our selections , so
that you may have the total package and not just a good looking Cane Corso , but a Cane
Corso with correct character and temperament.  

Our Cane Corso are raised indoors with children and other animals  , and are constantly
being handled and socialized from the time they are born to the time they go to their new
homes .

Our Cane Corso puppies are AKC &  ICCF registered and come with all vaccination and
deworming records .   

Our Puppies are priced at $1,200 with docked tail and dewclaws removed .  If you would
like to have your puppies ears cropped we offer that option through our vet who has been
cropping ears for over 30 years , and he does an outstanding crop . The cost of ear
cropping  is $350 additional . We travel 3 hours of drive time to take our puppies to this
vet , as we are very particular with this aspect also.         
       Litter  born 7/10/16 from
Diva  & Gator
Feel Free to contact us at 812-887-5243
Puppies now Available !!!
blue brindle female
brindle female
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brindle female
brindle male
Available black
brindle male
Available black
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